Circe's Consort

Mercury brings the hero Ulysses to the enchantress Circe.


 Rachel Elezi, soprano

 Annalisa Ewald, baroque guitar           

Bradley J. King, tenor

Jorge Prego, tenor
 Richard Spendio, harp


Circe's Consort is a new concept in early music. We explore the music of the 16th and 17th centuries focusing on baroque aesthetics and the influence of continuo accompaniment and its impact on Westsern Music as it evolved, effects most directly seen in the birth of opera after the Florentine Camerata of 1573, a seminal meeting of humanist scholars from diverse disciplines. What they thought of as a return to the classical Greek style of drama and musical performance instead created a revolution which has impacted all modern Western music ever since, and which continues to inform the music of today.

In Circe's Consort, we speak our program notes while presenting the music in a context which invities new audiences into unfamilair classical terrain. While the baroque guitar, theorbo and harp form the core of the group, a wonderful cast of singers, rising stars all,  rotates through several programs depending on their availability when not on tour and when in the country! We also seek out our audiences in performance venues outside of the traditional staid concert hall, everywhere from cafés, house concerts, and of course church and library series. The result is a fresh approach. 

Our launching concert was at that venerable free-thinkers venue, the Corneila Street Cafe in Greenwich VIllage, with tenor Brandon J. King, The program was Barbara Strozzi: A Voice from 16th Century Venice. For the Seabury Academy Mid-Day Music series we performed Music form Baroque Spain, with tenor Jorge Prego. Annalisa Ewald accompanied on baroque guitar for both programs. Adventures from Luz Y Norte by RIbayez, with baroque harpist Richard Spendio is next on the menu.

We will keep you posted on upcoming concerts. Please refer to the Performance Calendar on the homepage of this website.