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Adults make great students and bring the advantage of a well-honed set of skills and life experience to the endeavor of mastering the  guitar.  Learning classical guitar is much like taking ballet before learning hip-hop or ballroom dancing; in music it lays a solid foundation and makes learning the guitar in any genre eaiser. If music lessons were taken in childhood many adults find these revive and contribute to this newest project. If you are entirely new to music, being your first teacher and starting from the absolute beginning is perfect.

My approach to working with an adult student is necessarily different than for children. I employ my many years as a classical guitarist and all the knowledge gained from the many fine teachers I was fortunate to have studied under (Patrick O'Brien, Sophocles Papas, Turan-Mirza Kamal, Karl Herreshoff are especially notable) to design a program for each individual student. No two people are alike and neither is how they learn an instrument. 

For pricing and scheduling lessons please go to my website forThe Ewald Suzuki Guitar Method, I am always happy to chat by phone or e-mail to learn about your goals for yourself with the guitar.


Annalisa Ewald     203.979.4004

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